Monday, August 25, 2008

The techie that I am...

On a tiring day at office (playing carrom board, walking around the office, talking to my (huge group of) friends, total-damaging my friends and getting totally damaged), I was reading the soft copy of The Bourne Identity" . I turn around to see my team mate talking to our IT Management Services group personnel. I move towards my team mates seat and listen to what they are discussing seriously. I notice that my team mate's hands are busy clicking the mouse and writing and rewriting some code that was very new to me (I can hear you saying, "Like you know the other codes of your project"). But hey, back to work (Yes, work!) I hear them talking about VB Script, I see a few batch programs and they crack some joke about Microsoft's products (Hell, who doesn't? except me, who don't even understand such techno jokes, leave alone cracking one!)

And then IT DAWNS ON ME - they are talking like computer engineers - professionals - working in the IT indusry. And me... Was reading something (not working), that was not a computer magazine (no!) or an e-mail (which is not a funny forward); but a novel... My team mate turns towards me and says, "Hey Sandhya, you are done with reading your novel?". I, the dumb-ass that I am, say, "No, just taking a break!!!" for which he replies, "Oh!!!"

I am sure he must have thought, "This girl doesn't wanna learn anything, she's not interested in her job." I can only thank God for making him my team mate and not my PM (else my already pathetic appraisal grading would have been worse). This makes me think if I actually fit in here in the IT industry. It is not that I am not bright/smart enough (trust me guys... For those who already know the real me, please shut up and don't totally-damage me with your comments); it is just that I don't wanna sit and romance my computer and unix and java and perl and all similar things (seriously, I have a problem identifying what is what when it comes to programs and software). I'd rather read a novel (there are so many books to read - books that do not have techie terms (I'd like to name a few of these techie terms, but I don't know any, hee hee) and books that do not have pictures of new computers/laptops that are really cute - although I can understand the pictures part of such books).

I simply can't be a techie... So, now I'm thinking what I am good at.

1. Eating - Although most of you might have your doubts about that; I do eat a lot, it is just that I don't gain any weight.
2. Talking - I can talk nonstop for how many ever hours (I should be able to give RJ Dheena a run for his fame). My friends even tell me that Kareena's character in the rom-com "Jab we met" was vaguely inspired by me. (Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you - read in Vivek style). Oh my God, I should be an HR person (any place where non-MBA grads are recruited as HR personnel???)
3. Chatting - I guess that comes under talking too...
4. SMSing - That too is talking??? Come on people... There is nothing else to write in this list!!! Anyways, I can text without seeing the keypad at a great speed.
5. Playing - Carrom board. One of the (read Only) things that motivates me to come to office everyday.
6. Sleeping - Yes... I sleep lavishly....
7. Shopping - I am a girl after all (for everyone who has had a doubt on that - FOR THE RECORD, "I AM A GIRL")

I guess I am feeling too hungry and sleepy to include more in the list of stuff that I am good at (though most of you, by now would have gathered there is actually nothing more to add to it)


  1. Hi Sandhya

    This is your team mate. I'd really like to comment on this post, but I don't have the time.

  2. ha finally realisation dawns;) its gud to kno dat u've not changed...n u R gud at all d other stuff mentioned here, i can vouch for dat....neways, carry on...

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  5. For all those who're reading this comment: I'm Sal, a very close friend to this demon !

    There are certain other features that should be added in your "what I am good at" list.
    Trust me guys, these are not fun stuff or teasers... these are "THE FACTS"

    8. Singing: It has been very tough for me to wake up early in the morning ( 9 am to 12 pm, time before that is considered ni8 ), and lucky me that i have a friend like her who calls up and sings (that's what she calls it as) for me every morning... trust me the worst alarm i've ever heard! But it also helps me when i'm attending a training (Obviously, will be sleeping), i think of her so called "SONG" and trust me, it works, forget training, i wont even be able to sleep that ni8 ! God bless ... My ears and your phone ! ;-)
    Chill, just me guys, she sings well... you should probably ask her to place a audio clip in her blog, so that Terrorists can download it to attack USA, don believe me ? Follow the link below !
    This is about what this weapon is called -

    This is about a mistake i did -
    Now com'on guys, how would i know that guy was a Pirate. He just asked me to transfer her audio clip file on the internet, i thought even he wanted to wake up early, i dint know he would do this ! Check the link out n see what i'm talking about !

    9. Boxing: This lady Iyer is an A Class " Paper Weight " boxing champiom who starts crying for everytime she tries a punch on any1... Alright, once you find out that something you do is hurting yourself, you would probably stop doing that... but this poor thing seems to have a "Short term Memory loss", she punches back the very next second in the anger that her previous punch hurt her...

    This should be enough for now and guys it's hard to find bloggeres who write about themselves... make use of the ones you find. Throw the truth, make them feel On top of the World cos ppl like these Don't praise themselves ... instead... they want us to do it !

    San, lucky i'm free for 2day, i got so much of time to play with two of your "What i'm good at" features ... and i'm also very thankful to you that you gave me, such a bright chance ! Adios !

  6. Won't u like to mention that warming up that you do before starting to play carroms ??

  7. Laugh all you want gyus... Make as much fun as you want, but I'm sure no1 can deny that I am actually a good singer and boxer (and I DO NOT warm up before playing carroms)...

  8. Then what bout the 15 sit-ups that you take b4 playing... ask your team mate Vinodh to accept that you don't warm up !

  9. Enough guys... There are lot of other things that I am good at... I can beat you guys black and blue!!!


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