Monday, August 11, 2008

Heart at Ettimadai???

Everywhere I find people who are in love with their college life and are desperate to go back in time and live those "carefree, hassle-free, wonderful, colorful" moments. But I don’t seem to understand why they would want to do that. I know most of you who are reading would tell, “Oh, come on Sandy; don’t give us this I-hate-my-college crap again!” I hear you… So I am not here to crib about my college life, which was a disaster to say the least.

Of course, I had my I’ll-never-forget-this moments at my college because I did enjoy it (Yals and Sangu, I hope you are happy now – I still remember the time you bashed me when I told college life was horrible and stuff like that - Yals at AIMS canteen and Sangu at IT block canteen ;-)) But looking back at it, it is the pain and the incidents that caused the pain that flash in my heart. But, as usual I don’t like anyone being sad and I am anyone (of course, I am self-centered… lolz…) Also, I promised I wouldn’t crib about college-life.

So me is smiling now (thinking about the good moments of college). Me is thinking about our first IV (to Ooty for which we boycotted classes); about the innumerable hours we sat and chatted about the “newly formed couples” (I can hear you telling me, “That is called gossiping, you idiot”); of the times we day-scholars just had to open our lunch box only to find them empty within the next minute (Can’t tell you guys, specially Paru, Rithu and Sangu, how happy it made me when you guys finished up the not-so-tasty food saying, “Home food is always great!” It was thayir saadham, dude!!! Anyways, it made me escape from my mom who otherwise would have grounded me for wasting food); about our Somu sir’s gait and the way we sent him out when he came late to a lecture; about the time Narendran told, “Nadandhu varathuku late aayiduchu sir”; about the time when we had no lectures and all hostellers would be sleeping merrily in the hostel and we day-schis roamed around first at IT block canteen, then at AIMS canteen and then at the main canteen; about the hours we spent at Ettimadai railway station platform talking about nothing; about the 4 people-4 parathas-4 minutes….

Wow, there have been so many incidents, so much laughter, so many friends and everything; but still, I feel there were more lessons learnt from while being there than what we learnt from books. I can still hear one of my closest friends telling me, “Unakku eppo, yaarkitta, enna pesanumnu theriyadhu di.” – I still am like that (big sigh). College life taught me the most valuable lesson I have learnt so far – “Don’t believe everyone.” I think I kinda miss it; no no… I’m not missing it. $%@&; Who am I kidding? I miss college life and the few (but real close) friends I made when I was there… I miss you people!!! Love you guys…


  1. Gud ..Yu realized it now...

    Im startin to miss it now..

  2. I lived through every one of your words... Or perhaps should i say "still Living through"?

    Is it really me or is it that ur words were really good, i dunno.. But it was really touchin to get nostalgic.

    And i still am even more glad to see, u cud recollect most of ur sweet memories and pen it down with suitable words!

    Keep the words flowing,
    And i'll keep lookin out for more of our works!!!!


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  4. Well....i'm not gonna say "i knew u would miss college" :D
    Remember the times when we used to argue a lot about this??!! I used to say college is awesome and u sed to say "whatever". But if you come to think of it, u DID have a nice time. Of course, you had the best people in the world (ME!!! :D) and we used to bunk to the canteen in between classes(and we had to show a toothy smile to the sir to enter class coz we were late)and yes..the assignments and tests...i dont even remember the last time i actually wrote somethin originally mine!! and how can we forget SMSing!!
    yup!! college is definitely the best phase of life!! I miss u so much babe!! luv ya...muah!!!

  5. hey hey!
    nice to read ur blog....
    tis is anand sudhan...
    stay in touch.......


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