Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Anjana - my twin soul...

I am sure everyone has their tough times and everyone cries – no, I am not talking about guys/girls who are cowards enough to say, “I never cry”. What is the deal with people that want others to believe that they don’t cry in any situation? Anyways, I am a normal person and yes, I do cry when I am sad. So, as all of you know, I have been quite down and depressed for the last one month or so – ever since I left Chennai. I have been trying to lift myself up, make new friends and stuff and to be honest I don’t feel all that lonely or pathetic now! Yes, there are those small periods of time when I still feel lonely and left out. It was at one such time that my best friend Anjana called me.


If God decided to make a rough draft of me before making the better and more sophisticated me - sorry, Anju, I had to tell this. It is my blog, after all ;-) - it would have to be Anju. She is less than a year older than me. So, that means she’s 17. Yes, don’t ask any questions. I met Anju at my Wipro office in Chennai. She was leaving a project and I was replacing her and she was supposed to give ‘KT’ (Knowledge Transfer) to me and until then I hadn’t known KT meant sipping coffee and chatting away whatever time we got to spend at work and sometimes bunking office and going to movies or going to my home and watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Sigh… Those were the best days of my life! I mean it.

She was my twin soul. Both of us liked to watch same kind of movies, both of us liked to read books, both of us thought only dumb ones work like donkeys while the smart ones just sneak out and avoid work and still get paid the same amount of money, both of us were lazy, both of us were vegetarians, both of us liked the same kind of guys – well, I know most of you think that two girls can never be as close friends as two guys and I had the same opinion as well (I admit to that. Blame it on my college) – until I met her. She was my other half, she was my mentor, she was my friend and she got as confused as me at times and let me sort it out for her.

Our KT sessions came to an end as she left Wipro with an offer to work at Singapore. We still kept in touch through phone and internet. It was during one of my most difficult times (yesterday) that she called me and we spoke for about an hour and a half – excuse me, we are girls, talkative ones at that! At the end of it - after we had discussed which movies should be watched, which guys were hot and what business we should start once we get bored of our IT jobs - I felt so light (no, it has nothing to do with my weight. If that were the case, I’d feel light eternally) – my depression, my hatred for life, my loneliness, my self-pity – everything vanished. It was as if we were back at Wipro office, sipping coffee and talking about everything and nothing – just like one of our KT sessions. I miss you, Anju! I miss you so much!


  1. Brand "Anjana". A disaster in making... :-)

    Good luck to both of u, do prove who-is-more-pathetic at the end of the day, atleast for the fact that you gals were planning a "i hate you dinesh diwakar" campaign.

  2. @Dhinu
    Don't you dare to call my Anju a disaster...

    The I-hate-you-Dinesh-Diwakar campaign is still on, dude! And please wish us because without you, there would be no such campaign :-)

  3. Sandy...Am touched..am very happy..am sad...no words!! I just have to say two sets of 2 words...Nooooo..not those :P...Luv u..miss u!

    We will keep our future plans on...we will start a business...Keep all our plans secret..we will try patenting those...we will conquer the world!!

    @Dhinu --> ahem!
    Brand "Dhinu" , An existing Disaster.
    Hello again...Thanks for ur wishes :)

    How much ever we try "Perfection ko improve karna ya chodna mushkil hain"...Please refer dictionary to know the meaning of the word "perfection" :P :D

  4. Hey gud you have a friend like this. Gud on both of you. But, u shud be missing CBE more than MAS

  5. @Anju
    Awww, you remembered the 2 words we've got for everybody ala DX!!! :-D Love you too, dahling!!

    Yeah, what is the place where we get our ideas copyrighted?

    Yeah, go and see "perfection" in the dictionary and you'd find "sandhya" and "anjana" written against it :-)

    Yeah, I miss CBE too. But when I think abt Anju, I miss MAS a lil' too much.

  6. @Hey Sandy,

    Really good to know that you are finally happy as you were.. :).
    It's always nice to have such friends.. :).
    So now tell me whats going on?? how is life.. :)

  7. @Raahul
    Yeah, friends make life better.
    Life is going good and suddenly I find that I have no reasons whatsoever to complain :-)

  8. Hi..
    Landed on your blog from nominations of indibloggies...and I must say, I havent been disheartened to read your blog.

  9. @lumuhuku
    Oh, I take that as a compliment. Thanks! Keep visiting and letting me know your thoughts!!!

  10. Hey anjana & sandy,

    I searched for 'perfection' and guess what, it did list both of your names there...

    But, it only stated... Opposite to perfection is Sandhya and Anjana. atleast we know someone who dont lie.

    Am giving you nuts enough reason to be famous!! go ahead with the campaign, if at all u need some funding., do let me know, I've a huge attachment with politicians here.. :-)

  11. @Dhinu
    Oh yeah? You, a peasant, is making two princesses achieve fame? Ha ha ha...
    And you don't lie? Who are you kidding dude? You were the one that called yourself 'handsome'? And you are honest?

  12. hi... after seeing ur post in twitter i straight away landed here.. to my surprise i find everything that u wrote here was happening here to me.. i mean even am depressed and feeling lonely.. but thats a different story...

    thank god that u got such a lovely friend.. ROCK on...

    wish i get back my peace... write more.. its like listening to a BIG SISTER's story.. :D :D

  13. @Vicky
    Every time I write something - abt my sadness/depression/self-pity, the readers of this blog have reminded me that I am not alone. Lot of them are like me, facing the same troubles. And you are welcome to join our club!!! :-)
    And why did u have to call me BIG sister? Little sister would have been more perfect, don't u think? Anyways, it is better than my friends who call me 'Aunty'. Sigh...

  14. @sandy..

    lolz.. thanks for dragging :P me to ur club... :D and anyways i cant call u as lil sister nd al.. coz "idhulam ungaluke konjam over ah theriyala??"

    and ppl cal u 'aunty'..?? perfect... :P i go for them then...

  15. EKSI.... ur elder to me... :P so accordingly i hv to call u as BIG SISTER.. :O :O

    and sorry if am rude.. :o pls forgive dis bro...

  16. "only dumb ones work like donkeys while the smart ones just sneak out and avoid work and still get paid the same amount of money"-----அடடே. இது நம்ம கொட நாட்டுப் பச்சை அம்மாளின் கொள்கை மாதிரியே இருக்கே. தமிழ் நாட்டின் அடுத்த முதல்வர் நீவிர் தான்.


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