Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Request :-)

After reading my earlier post about how things are new and exciting and boring at the same time and getting a earful from a lot of friends, I decided to take it easy and chill and not worry too much and now I am kind of in a stable "this-too-shall-pass" state, which is good for me and everyone who reads this blog because in the recent past I have hardly ever written anything that wasn’t categorized under “rants” (no, not by me, duh… by the readers). Well, I totally understand that part and I decided I shouldn’t be doing it any more. Aaaah, I can see you guys nodding!

So moving on to the brighter side of things I am doing everything I can to keep myself occupied with something or the other – catching up on a few books I have always wanted to read, watching a few movies. But there is a shhumaall problem. No, don’t say, “No, not again!” The problem is really small. Trust me! The movies I have been watching and the books I have been reading come to an end. There is a huge demand for books. As for movies, I have already asked my friends nearby to deposit their hard-disks to me ASAP.

This post is hence categorized under “requests” (by me, this time). If any of you have a good collection of e-books (English/Tamil) please send it to my personal mail ID which is there in the FB link. :-)



  1. Hey..Are you interested to read tamil e- books ?

  2. I hv Kalki's PS and Adventures of TinTin (if u like cartoons) as PDF...wud tat help?

  3. @baladon99, pls publish the ebooks(if possible) in the comment section for all of us too :)

  4. Hey,

    Haha.. A new beginnings is it. lol.. So howz the Banglore life Sandy, yeah i know it just started but as of now??

  5. Isnt tht being hypocrytic towards urself?

    Anyways try if u can get ur hands on "Yaarukkum Vetkamillai" by Cho Ramasamy. i think u might enjoy reading it!

  6. @bala
    Sure, I read a lot of tamil e-books!

    I already have PS, Sivakamiyin Sabatham and Parthiban Kanavu and I have read and re-read them all. Tin-tin, sure!! :-)

    What do I say? Where do I begin with? I don't know how to put it into words!

    @celebrate ur FREEdom
    Hypocritic? Me? Why would you say that?
    I will try to read that, but it would be great if I can find it online. :-)

  7. what i meant was, ur trying to runaway from something (which u hav described as rants) jus bcoz ppl feel ur cribbing? thts like trying to convince urself tht everything is perfectly fine. probably hyprocrytic is a harsh word!! honestly most of us wud fall into tht category (atleast i do)..

  8. @celebrate ur FREEdom
    I am not running away from anything.I was just trying to stop myself from ranting too much because it will only put ppl away. Now, more than ever, I need ppl... I need to drive out loneliness and separating myself from ppl would only make me lonelier.
    Yes, I do try to convince myself that things would be fine and I just need to hang on! :-)

  9. Im Jealous of you... you have so much time in life... Have fun. Bloghopped here... Will come again :)

  10. ur real frendz wud never leave, not matter wat. anyways, some of the movies tht could keep u occupied are Motorcycle Diaries, Shawshank Redemption, Vedham Pudhidhu, Thillu Mullu, MMRK...a gud mix of philosophy and humour.

  11. @CM-chap
    Thanks for visiting! :-)
    Don't be J; I might be loaded with work soon.

    @celebrate ur FREEdom
    Actually, I have got a bunch of movies and books frm my friend. Thanks for the suggestions, by the way!! :-)

  12. I have three questions for you:

    a)What are you getting me from Bengaluru?
    b)When shud I drop by to get the stuff?
    c)Hows the fooseball table @ ur workplace?

    :p Long time, no c funny Sandy.
    Come BACK!!!

  13. @Priyanka
    I know... Long time no feeling like funny Sandy! :-( Will be back soon re!

    a) What?
    b) What?
    c) Foosball table is great :-D

  14. Hi Sandhya,

    Just mail me for the ebooks.. as usual ready to supply... :D ;)


  15. @Mani
    Thank you! Please mail me at my gmail ID . Thanks!


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