Monday, November 9, 2009

I'm rambling again!

Here I am – in a new place, waiting for newer challenges that life is waiting to throw at me! As I had already mentioned, I am in a new phase of my life – one that is exciting, educative, fun, boring and at times outright mocking. I am now a mixed bag of emotions. One minute I am really happy and confident and have that ‘Come what may’ attitude, another I am all lonely and frightened, another I am just okay with life and tell it ‘Take me wherever you want to’ and another I simply give up and say ‘I am fed up, I can’t put up with this anymore.’ I hope that is enough reason why I kept away from writing anything here. I just did not want to spread my moody bullshit on you. (I am an angel, aren’t I?)

Now that I have made my state of mind clear (more so to me than to you), I feel very light and confident about taking up the challenge that lies ahead of me. It is not like I have lost anything permanently, not like I have lost my confidence in myself, not like I forgot how to talk (oh, I know how you wish I stop talking :-D), not like there is any big tragedy in my life – what I have got now (or rather what I haven’t got) is nothing close to being called ‘tragic’, hell, it doesn’t make it to ‘sad’. In fact I am currently in a place that a lot of people I know would envy.

My mom told me yesterday that everyone goes through tough times, everyone has to. It is not like one chooses to take the tough way (no one goes, “Hey Mr.Problem, you and me, outside”), bad time just imposes itself on us and no matter how strong or weak we are, we have to face it. There is no escaping fate. She went on to say, when you are facing any kind of hardship, always think that all this struggling will bear sweet fruits (oh, I like neither sweets nor fruits and she was talking about sweet fruits! Amma!!!) . This is what she tells me now, but earlier when I was a student, she always encouraged me to do my job (study) and not to worry about the results. When a wise adult makes such contradictory statements, what do children like me do? I have to ask her for an explanation.

One thing I am sure of is that I will bounce out of this mood swings and bounce back real fast and strong. I have high hopes on myself and the people I love and more than ever on God. Alright, now I am sounding like a priest, but don’t run away :-P
A lot of friends are asking why I chose this path when the path I was treading on earlier was perfectly smooth and more importantly, I was happy treading on the path. Why did I have to choose something that I knew would be tough; would test me; would not be something I like to do? My answer is simple – I just wanted to try this out. I can’t comment on how hard or easy a task is until I get myself involved in it. It would be like commenting on how bad Idli and Vada is in the canteen without ever ordering it (bad example? I know. But we all know whatever we order at the office cafeteria is just the opposite of ‘yummy’, don’t we?) I wanted to try this new task despite knowing it is going to be tough on me. But now that I have started involving in it, I don’t see why it I thought it was difficult at the first place!

I guess I have poured out everything I had accumulated in my head in the past couple of weeks and have (as always) confused you with my nonsense! Bear with me (as always, again). :-D


  1. Appaadi ... enga thelinjuduveengalo nu bayandhunde irundhen ;)))) hehehehe

    Jokes apart, life will be boring and meaningless if we dont have such confusions and worries. Life is like a baby, it will be nice and fun only if it throws tantrums at us. So just enjoy those tantrums and I am sure, everyone will get ways to get over it.

  2. Speechless..., I sometimes think 'SILENCE' is the best answer.. :) - Dinesh

  3. @Sathish
    I totally agree, but it's difficult to go on with this!!! :-(

    Ok, I'm gonna be silent from now on!!!

  4. Yenna ma idhu vadivelu solra maadhiri "Naanum Yethanai neram dhan valikaadha maadhiriye nadikardhu" types...

    Nevertheless, change always has some teething problems, once settled things would be fine..just hang in there...

    When u r totally down in mood, u always have ur intercity express ;-)to home

  5. it may be a tough time for u as u have chosen it ur self :|
    but have believe in god
    and work hard :)
    rest upto upar wala :O
    hope eveything goes fine .
    N u will have ur fun days back, as u had earlier ;)

  6. Sandhya.. R yu out of Wipro??? Wht do yu do now?? I like your blogs in ChannelW!!

  7. @Chan
    Oh I guess I am ranting too much these days. :-) And yes, perseverance is the key now and I will hang on and try to smile through it.

    Yes, nobody is to be blamed for my decision. I took it myself and I should not be repenting so much. If you have the time, pray to God asking Him to give me my fun days here! :-) Thanks!!!

    I never knew I had such followers on Channel [W] blog! Thanks for commenting!!!

  8. nalla thaana de irundha intha weekend!! ennade achu thideernu? And did you forget that I was totally on your side for the decision you made!!!

    P.S. I really envy the coffee day stuff at your place!!

  9. @Yals
    Yeah, I was okay during the weekend. I'll always be okay when I am surrounded by friends. It's the loneliness that I hate. Soon, I guess I'd get used to it too.

    The coffee day thingie sure is awesome! It's probably the only thing I enjoy here. :-D

  10. hey bangalore is place for fun :D
    and udhar ka climate is like cbe :P
    so u will love it yaar !
    muje to lagta hain u will change soon,let usc :(
    well i do pray always for my net frds ;)


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