Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dream on...

Never give up on your dreams, no matter how far-fetched or silly or impossible they are to become reality. Who knows; it might work out some time – by working hard towards it, by luck or by sheer power of thought. I was having this discussion with a colleague of mine about what we wanted from life. Our thoughts were quite similar – we both wanted to go outside of our respective countries (he is from Holland and I am from India), both of us want to work in Spain, but are too scared about what we have to leave behind or lose if we did what we wanted to. But we keep talking about the idea – what can be done to make it happen, giving up because there was no realistic way we could do it, then dreaming about starting our own company there, our roles in the company, whether Rafael Nadal can be employed there – all silly thoughts, that would just remain thoughts and nothing more.

But then the insane mind starts working, it starts thinking that moving to Spain (throwing whatever I have got here down the drain), with nothing but our own stupid minds and thoughts, no plausible idea that would help us earn our bread whatsoever – and I start liking the thought more than ever before. The very fact that something is impossible to attain makes it more exotic. The unpredictability factor is the most intriguing of them all. I am still thinking about it because I want to do it someday or the other, against all odds, sacrificing quite a few things and then say to the world, “See, it was not impossible”. No, it is more of proving to myself that it was not impossible than to the world.

It is so hard to let go of what we have and go after our dreams for fear of failure, fear of whether we would get something better, fear of having to lose what we have and fall flat on our faces – but that is a choice we have to make. We have got to leave something to gain something. Only in this case, you might end up losing what you have and not gain anything at all. Too risky, but too tempting. But every time I think about it the urge to do it is so overwhelming.

I mean, we will never know if we made the right choice or not without actually making it. Life is not something that could be simulated in a Test environment before being moved to Production. (Ahh, I should probably take a break from work). May be I should take a break from work and go to Spain. And do what there? I don’t have a clue. You get the drift. This is how my mind works. Whatever I think of, will eventually lead to Spain. And then stop there because it hits a dead-end – I don’t know any further.

It sounds crazy. But I believe completely in the power of thought and I have an intuition that I will someday be led towards that by destiny (ok, now I am just talking crap about destiny and all), but now I won’t be afraid to take the plunge when opportunity arrives. It may lead me to failure but I should still be fine because I was the one that wanted it. It was MY idea, MY interest, what MY mind told ME to do. No reasoning required.

Yet, it is true that you have to think about how your decision impacts others’ lives. But if you keep thinking about it, you are going nowhere – just staying in the same stagnant water as millions of others. You should have the courage to do what you want to do and be proud to do it because then, you would be one in a million and trust me, no matter how bad the consequences are, you would be proud enough to shout it out from the rooftop just because you had the will to do what others can only dream of.

Too preachy? Well, this is what I am telling to myself – like a self-realization thing. Sigh… I hope I have the courage to follow what my heart wants. Ok, now it just sounds like a stupid candy-floss Bollywood movie. Pardon me for that!


  1. omg! i so agree with each and every word you have written! I've been faced with situations like yours and i am happy i was able to put a face to atleast some of my dreams. I am a true believer in destiny, in the end no matter what you do, if you truly deserve something, it'll come to you. If not, be happy and have no regrets coz there are better things planned for you.
    As with fulfillin your dreams, you won't know until you try :) Our fear is the only thing that keeps us from dreaming.
    Like its said, you must face your fears in order to live your dreams! If it works, great, if not, accept and move on to the next one ;)
    and btw, there is nothing wrong with goin all bollywood style with your dreams! they are yours, make it as colourful as you want :)

  2. @Wildflower
    Thank you for visiting and commenting. Glad to know you were able to relate to it.
    Attempting at living your dreams is not an easy task - it requires a lot of courage because it could mean you could end up losing what you already have. I am not sure if I am ready to face my fears and gamble.
    And yes, as you said, destiny rules!!! :)

  3. Nice post. And dont worry about being preachy n all...you are writing what you want to..let it be that way..

    And i'm a pessimist..so i dont see light at the end of the tunnel.. even if there's one i always assume it's from the oncoming train :) :) :)

    Btw enjoy your phoren trip :)
    And i've been putting off doing something i want to..just because of the consequences.. the fear of failure.. i was thinkin about it just a few minutes back and then i read this post.. ha ha.. dont know if its a coincidence or something :)

  4. @Not Specified
    It would do you some good to leave out the pessimism in you. And don't put off doing anything, you never know, something might click and you might end up doing what you want for the rest of your life.
    May be this post was God's way of kindling the fire that is about to die. Don't lose hope, my friend.

  5. You should never let go of your dreams and hope that someday you will be able to achieve it. I know a lot of people who are stuck in dead end jobs because of various reasons but would do something else if given a choice. Me being one of them :).

    But I am still holding on to my dream as I am pretty young right now and don't feel I should let go of it any time soon. Great write up again and surely thoughts of most of the people I feel.

  6. Another thing, my name is Giri and I don't know why people read girisopinion as "girlsopinion". Lolz. Lot of them do :)

  7. @Giri
    Oh yeah, even I read it as girlsopinion (am so sorry about that)
    Hold on to your dream and hold on to it tight, because very soon it is going to become true. It is good that you are pretty young - that means you have more years to achieve what you have in mind.


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