Friday, July 23, 2010

What I wanna do

If only anyone would pay me for sitting in the last row, by the window, sleeping half the time, sending text messages to those innumerable friends (whose faces we still book sometimes) the other half without the knowledge of the lecturer, making rockets with paper, life would have been so much cooler. But no sir, nobody shows you the cake AND lets you have it. To be frank, I have never really understood the whole concept behind being in a job. Apparently, you can’t live with your parents’ money forever. And no, it is NOT funny to say, “I can live with their credit cards.” It is not appreciated (experience teaches you an awful lot).

There are many other things that are not appreciated. So I could not be a bicycle rider because I was in India; not in the Netherlands. I could not join the Army because all my friends laughed it off when I said I wanted to do it. I could not become a spiritual Guru thanks to the likes of Swami Premananda/Nithyananda types. I could not be a teacher because according to my mom, I was made to become something better. I could not be a journalist because my cousins were all pursuing their engineering courses. I could not be a news reader because my cousins were all planning to do their M.Tech/PhDs. Oh my God, why did you come up with the whole concept of cousins? They were all my dream jobs at one of time or the other. And they were all brushed aside because I was too young and too naïve to make my own career plans. But nevertheless, they were a very important part of my growing up process.

Currently, if given a choice, I would like to be a writer. It is something that gives me satisfaction, makes me feel as if I have achieved something great. But on the down-side, there is something that we all like to call ‘Writers’ block” that affects me every now and then. I sit in front of my computer, I have some thoughts in my mind, but they just refuse to come out as words. But there are days when the words just pour out like Champagne. Finding a balance between the two AND making a career out of it is no easy task.

Another career I am fascinated about is that of a behavioral skills trainer. I like to teach and from whatever experience I have gained from being a silly IT professional over the last three years, the average Indian IT professional lacks basic manners – from emailing to eating – it shows in everything they do. Since customer facing roles are on the rise, most companies would need their engineers to put on their best behavior while talking or emailing or chatting with their clients, which is where I would come in. I have a flair for making good communication (now, don’t you start rolling your eyes, if there is anything I do well, that is TALK. Don’t take that away from me!) And I like teaching. So what better than to combine the two things I like and make a successful corporate career out of it?

I am also good at organizing events and shows. So event management is an area I could dwell into. But I am not really sure about the roles and responsibilities there and so I cannot comment further on that.

Another career that I find very interesting is in the Advertising field. I like advertising and have always taken part in such events at school and college level, but I am sure that is not how the field works in real life. I would, for sure, love to be a part of an advertising campaign. Also there is some very good money involved in it!

But if there is one job that would supersede all the above and be “the one” dream job, it has to be the one where I am allowed to sit in the last row, by the window, sleep half the time, send text messages to those innumerable friends for the other half without the knowledge of the lecturer, making rockets with paper…

This post is an entry for a contest in Blogadda called MY DREAM JOB. This contest was an initiative by BLOGADDA and Pringoo .


  1. hey nice one...straight from ur heart... :)

  2. as Namit said, honest write up of what you wanna be and why! I'm glad you brought up that "cousins" part. How much our decisions get influenced or forced by what people around us do.
    making rockets with paper.. lol :D

  3. @Namit - Thank you :)

    @Vee - Oh yes, they have influenced what I am right now. Oh yes, we made rockets with paper. One guy didn't know how to make one and made a paper ball and threw it and it hit the professor right on his ass :P

  4. Ur probably one of the few who've actually done some thinking...i believe most of the youngsters today are in the same situation (sadly they ignore it) and atleast I can speak for myself.

    Its gud that u hav quite a few options to think jealous!!

    guess wat...ive decided to call it quits in 3 months time (hav to fulfill commitments at workplace)...hav no idea wat im going to do after tht..
    can't wait to get rid of my fone..hav already disposed my 4-wheeler...

    will go on a bike tour for a few weeks maybe..and then gonna keep my future guessing...

    hope u bag ur dream job!!

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  6. hey i will offer u a job somday...being part of my advertisement agency..AYUSHMAN... :)

  7. It is exactly what I have been thinking about my job. It looks like you have written everything I would have loved to do other than the dumb silly IT job. If at all there is something that I can do here, I can sell nothing for anything - but my management tells me that I gotta wait 8-10 years to be given this opportunity.. I will be very old..

    Btw, This is my first time here and happened to read something that I myself wanted to write. A very honest write up. Keep writing..


  8. @celebrate ur FREEdom
    I am really proud of u for having the guts to leave what you have in search something that may well end up as nothing. Hats off to you! And I am sure whatever you take up after your bike tour will do you some real good :)

    Ahhh, I already almost secured a job offer. Cool... Thank you!

    Thank you for visiting and commenting!!! A time will come when we will have the guts to let go of our fears and become successful at what we enjoy doing. Let's have hope!

  9. thnx for ur wishes...i guess someone has to lead the way and others need to LEAD, FOLLOW OR GIVE WAY....we're jus surviving in this world not living! I wanna LIVE!!

    I think u shd take up writing which doesnt have to be structured or formal (like Parthiban's Kirukkalgal)..u'll never get the guts to do it until u actually do go ahead n live ur dreamz....

  10. Very well written and exactly my sentiments too. I was also one of those guys who was constantly compared to my cousins. Always wanted to get involved with sports in someway. Even though I am stuck in the dead end IT job, I am keeping my fingers crossed.

    Good luck on your new job/career.


  11. @celebrate ur FREEdom
    May be I should take writing more seriously. :) Thank you for inspiring me!!!

    No, I am not changing jobs. I think I'm still stuck with my dead end IT job too. But something interesting will come up some day. Hoping for that to happen!

  12. Sandy ? I like this nickname :-)

    what a nice piece again to read !
    And that while i'm sitting in the middle of my figures, stats and numbers, which drive me crazy.

    I should make some radical turn as well. I even just threw a paper plane, just to feel what it was like. But no teacher here to punish me, instead i'm being punished by the daily routine happening to be my own choice...


  13. @Maarten
    Oh, I can so totally relate to you now. There is nothing as boring as a routine.
    May be a radical turn is what we should make. *Thinking seriously about it*
    *Giving up*

  14. Neat post. you have actually stated two very valid points..
    1. need for a formal education and a degree to survive - IN INDIA. Institutionalization of knowledge
    2. Writer's block - wherein there are plethora of thoughts, none of which materialize in the form of words.
    Keep writing!


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