Monday, March 8, 2010

God's Gift...

This time around I have a very sensitive issue. A friend of mine has a notion that women are inferior to men and should always listen to men and that he can never accept that women are equal to men. Well, that was a bold statement to make in front of me on any day – and he specially chose Women’s day for that. Needless to say, I and another female friend of mine gave him back nicely. He was left battered and bruised. No, we did not get violent; we believe in Gandhiji’s words – we explained that is NOT how it is with the maximum amount of patience we could muster. But he went on with his bullshit about how women should do all the household work and husbands should be their Gods. WTF!!!

Now I agree that women can’t do everything that men can. But what my dear friend had to understand was that similarly, there are (more) things that women do that men can never do. He also went on to say, “Girls who work in the IT industry are always looked down upon by the society. The society respects only those that are teachers or doctors or IAS officers.” Really, that was more than necessary to get on my nerves. No amount of saying or arguing was going to instill any sense into his non-existent brain. The reasons he gave for his filthy mind-set were:

  1. I cannot accept that women are equal to men. They can never be equal to us men. (Oh yes, that is a very valid reason).
  2. Most IT girls have bad character. They don’t deserve/get any respect from the society. (I understand it is because we are educated and independent and are able to support ourselves and our families).
  3. Women should stay at home and do all the household work and men should go out and earn for the family – that is how God intended it. (Oh really? God told you what He intended? When did that happen?)
  4. Men do hard work. Women are inefficient. (Oh yes, you do hard work? Like plough your land? Lay a road? Dig a mine? What?)
  5. I cannot accept that women are equal to men. They can never be equal to us men. (Was it the first point all over again? Yes, that’s what he said – again)

When would men like these understand that women are individuals and they need their space and freedom where they could do whatever they want? Finally he said, “I would keep the girl I marry very very happy.” I just burst out in laughter and said, “The only way you can ever keep a woman happy is by staying away from her.” That was true in his case.

But for all the men out there who want to keep their mothers/sisters/friends/girlfriends/wives/daughters happy, this is how you do it. THE ONLY WAY TO MAKE A WOMAN HAPPY IS BY LETTING HER DO WHAT SHE WANTS TO DO. That is simple, right? The next time your girlfriend asks you, “When can we meet?” try telling her, “We can meet whenever you want to” and live up to your words. The next time your mom asks you, “What do you want for breakfast?” try telling her, “Whatever you want to cook” and then see how truly happy and touched she will be.

Understand that women are delicate and fragile and yet stronger and more courageous than men. Women are precious and without them, life will not be worth living. She can make your life heaven and hell – it depends upon how you choose to behave with them. She is truly God’s gift to the world.

Praise her, celebrate her presence!


  1. This time with the hope that I will not be triggering a tsunami of comment war here in your space, I will make it short and sour ... the person who said the above statement is an "A** H***", "FU***R" and he does not know what it means to be a "Women", I am sure he can never succeed in life. It the war of comments have to start even for this, I don't mind.

  2. @Satish N
    I agree with you this time :)

    I guess you work around a bunch of morons!!!
    Cant say anything else.. let the fool live in his bubble.. He'll learn it the hard way

    Anyways Happy Women's Day to you and all the women who follow the blog!!


    i very much believe in's true for anyone not only for girls.

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  5. The next time your girlfriend asks you, “When can we meet?” try telling her, “We can meet whenever you want to” and live up to your words.

    Sorry Sandhya.. This one doesn't work. I tried this a couple of years ago. Haven't met the girl till date ;-)

    PS - Just adding a bit of 'Lighter side' to your serious post.. :-)

  6. Wow sandy, what a matter to trigger on the women's day.., Happy womens day to you.! By the way, why dont you try Coconut-Tree climbing ? However., That guy needs some brain massage..., who else than you could give him one ?

  7. Nice post, especially for today. I am a guy who has worked in environments with women bosses who are more capable than I am. That is what your friend needs. A female boss!

  8. Sandhya, ungala suthiyae ippadi oru kootam yaen alayardhu??? Indha post-a padichadhum neenga thalai-la kaiya vechutu "Kelambitangayaaa Kelambitangayaaa" nu solraaa madhiriyae irundhudhu....

    I guess once woman was created by God, He must hv asked "Who-man???" so don't worry cheer up...dont even bother to answer these folks...

    btw belated women's day wishes...

    Yenna looong takes a guy like this to wake yu up :-P pat on back to him...

  9. First of all, I don't ever understand the word "superior to", be it in any sense. It's a stupid mindse. And such mindset towards women only shows his low level of thought.

    You should give flowers to these people like they do in munnabhai..Poor things ..

  10. Awesome post girl... I know he must have pissed you to the core... And you have given him back, and rightly!!! I am indebted tyo women all my life, till date... Be it my mom, sis, gf's, u, my fiance... etc etc...

  11. Hi Sandy,

    Men like him wont achieve much in their lives... so try not to get worked up over him...

    take care... cheers...

  12. Too much of anger isnt a good recipe for summer!!
    Im surprised u even bothered to answer the guy. Do u think it wudve made any diff to his perception? im pretty sure NO.

    Personally I feel u shd focus on maneuvering ur blog thro the numerous interesting anecdotes and thoughts that have made ur writings so interesting....
    Really not worth talking abt or feeling bad abt such ppl!!

    Its only a suggestion..

  13. such a loser soul the guy is. pity him! and pity squared for his would-be-wife, whom he is planning to keep verryy happy. tsk tsk..

  14. @All
    1. The guy has now changed his opinion (a wee bit) and become a little broad-minded, thanks to all the comments on this section. Apparently, he had no idea his mindset was sickening. Thank you, all...

    2. He still feels men are superior, but now he at least thinks women should be independent (thanks to the story of my mom's struggle)

    3. He respects women's thoughts (thanks to our manager here who managed to give him a bit of his mind)

    Am happy that this blog has achieved something (finally!!!)

    Thank you all!!!

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  17. It is a waste of time talking to such male chauvinists who have regressive thoughts. Do you know some women think like this too. I think people with such thoughts have less exposure of the world outside.

    MEn do hard work. Do they?. then what is carrying a life within her for 9 months.It is much more than digging mines, laying roads.
    Your last line said it all celebrate
    her presence. yes, all through the year and one's life not just on march 8th to add to some greeting card business.

  18. Sandy, whom do i ask a treat? You, ur manager, or the guy himself ?? Will be back soon!

  19. First of all a wonderful post.. kudos .... keep going... i would like u to give that person a small egs to show how women are more matured then men..:

    1) Ask him wat wud u do.. if u win 1 lakh rupees in a lottery - his answer wud most probably be.. to buy a car.. or bike etc...

    2) Ask a girl of his age wat would she do if she wins 1 lakh in a lottery - her obvious answer would be to buy a home or apartment or put it in a bank etc...

    Now here he might ask what is the big deal.. i like car.. so m buying... she likes to buy a home so she is buying....

    If the same above question is asked to a guy after 4 yrs.. his reply wud be same as that of the girls...

    So always a girl thinks much ahead of a guy... Thats why a guy of 24 yrs old marries a much younger girl of 22 or 23 .. bec of her maturity level.. :)


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