Thursday, March 18, 2010

What can I say...

After 7pm is the best time to write blogs – that is when the office is almost empty (there are not many losers like yours truly, you see). I like the calmness here. My desk has been shifted to a place far away from my managers and far away from all the people that make the maximum noise. I generally love being surrounded by loud people; I myself am a loud person and now I feel left out and lonely. Literally lonely because there is nobody here; nobody to see what I am doing – I might as well watch some movie, but I prefer reading something/writing stuff to bore you all. I have a strong feeling that every time I write, I get worse. I am probably one person that challenges the proverb “Practice makes one perfect” – the lesser I write the better is what I feel about myself.

All that apart, I have made up my mind to mokkai pottufy and there is no sparing you. I have learnt so much from blogosphere. It has certainly given me great friends like Satish, Chan, Vinod, etc… and has improved my confidence a lot. Not that I was ever low on confidence. I have been a pain from the beginning. Or that is what Amma says. I wish she writes a blog ala Chennaigirl – kiddie talks. I used to talk a lot. Amma says I starting talking very young and started off with full sentences instead of words and never had that ‘mazhalai pechu’ – she says I started talking like a big girl. She and Appa used to feel very proud of me – I was their first child and they probably thought I was a genius because I started talking earlier and clearer than their friends’ children. Now Amma is feeling “Appo aarambichava innum nirutha maatengarale” (She started so early and has not stopped since)… Well, I am proud of it. Ever since I have been paduthufying Amma with my nonstop nonsense.

I have always been a talkative person and my friends can’t agree more (please read my testimonials in Orkut if you are THAT jobless). It is like a gift. At the same time, I have ended up creating a/being in the middle of a mess ever since I can remember. I once went and told my teacher (when I was in sixth standard), “You are being very partial towards G (a girl in my class). It is wrong. You are a good teacher, but I don’t like this.” Years later when I met that teacher she told me that I had told her something like this and I didn’t even remember the incident. To say it was very embarrassing would be an understatement but I really felt ashamed of myself for saying something like that to one of my favorite teachers and at the same time proud of myself that I had the guts to speak my mind to someone way older and respectable than me.

Ippidi palappala saadanaigala pannitu vandhurukka indha Sandhya… Enna poi velai ellam panna sonna, kaduppaagaadhu? Enna nenachutu irukkanaga? Oh God, let someone understand my genius (no, before that let me recognize my potential) and appidiye ennoda life-ahye maathiranum. Hayyo hayyo!!!


  1. This blogger is too high on "Vitamin I"

  2. @Dinesh
    Thank you. I am bored and there is nothing much I can do except write nonsense on my blog. :-)

  3. Hooo .... thanks buddy, the respect and admiration is mutual :) (ok ok ok ... ;)))

    You have a very conversational way of writing which is actually cute and thats the reason you have more followers than any of us (in the blog at least). So keep writing, keep boring ... oopss ... I mean "pouring" your ideas ... and whatever it may be, there will be useless and vetti readers like me and Chan to post a comment :)

  4. Sandhya, Thx 4 the mention...n it's a pleasure knowing u thru blogs...

    @Sats, nanba adhu yenna ella post layum vendhudhal maadhiri ippadi damage panre?? venaam...valikudhu...aluduruvaen!!

  5. ha haa... dont let your managers read this :)

    take care... cheers...

  6. Miss u yaar... One thing is for sure... ur talkativeness is ur biggest asset... bechara monu!!!!

  7. @Satish
    Enna ivlo pugazharel? Enakkennavo oru periya aapu kaathundurukkunu thonardhu :-P

    Thank you for being vetti enough to read my pethals. No offence :-D

    Oh my managers do read this :-)

    Miss u too, b'day buddy! Never found anyone to match me. U are one among those who came closest. Yes, that's a compliment :-D

  8. ha ha... lolzzz... nalla blog... tanglish is super... ippadiye continue to mokka podufying...


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