Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lazy me!

Why oh why is hard-work so important in life? Why do Amma and scores of others keep telling me that the only way to success is hard-work? Why isn’t there a ‘fotcut’ or a ‘chota fotcut’ that I could take? Well, the reason I am asking you this is really simple. It also explains why I have been writing lesser and lesser here these days. Laziness. Yes, I have been THIS lazy since birth.

Once when my mom asked me how I managed to be so lazy, I replied (thinking I was really smart) “You should ask yourself that question Amma. Why did you give birth to such a lazy baby? It is a manufacturing defect.” How smart that ended up to be was revealed last week when the epitome of “Nunalum than vaayaal kedum” (yours truly) asked Amma a variant of the same question – “Why did you do this manufacturing defect? It is entirely your fault. Because of this defect people are branding me as lazy and useless (as usual, you think? Fine by me!) and I just don’t feel like doing any work.” Amma gave me a one-liner – “Sorry, warranty period over. Goods once sold cannot be taken back.”

What a P.J. that was! You don’t know what a P.J. is? P.J. means Poor Joke. Was that a P.J. as well? Yes? Wow… I am the Lord of the P.J’s. But hey, I am far better than a few Bollywood movies that have released in the recent past and no, I am NOT going to write a review on any of them simply because I don’t spend time and money to watch such flicks. I prefer watching Balachander classics over and over again than watching the newly released, watch-me-if-you-have-the-IQ-of-a-cabbage movies that bore me to death. And now I understand completely what my blog does to you. I think the last Hindi movie that I loved watching was Ishqiya – way back in January.

Talking of movies, did you happen to watch the Filmfare Awards ceremony this year? Seriously, how much cool do SRK and SAK think they are? It was over-rehearsed and over-done and so long that it bored me to death. The only good thing about the function was Shahid Kapur’s tribute to Michael Jackson (drool drool). Well, it is no secret that I love Shahid, is it? And yes, I am very disappointed with the jury’s decision too. Shahid (darling) slogs it out at the gym and works so hard (and actually acts) in ‘Kaminey’ and who do they give the award to? Amitabh Bachchan. There is no taking away any credit from the hard work he has put into ‘Paa’, but I somehow liked Shahid’s performance better. Perhaps it is because I love him, but what the heck, this is MY blog J


  1. somberiyaa irukaracheye ivalo periya postaa, goiyaale. Laziness is birth rite and I dont think its a defect in any standards. Chummaa irukaradhu evalo kashtam teriyum la ?? baasu, elaaraalayum chumaave iruka mudiyaadhu baasu, that's an art and GOD has gifted that to very few ppl. :)

  2. Rafava ?? Shahidaa?? decide :-P

  3. Everyone feels lazy at times... some more often than others... its not wrong as long one doesnt miss out on life's other important offerings :)

    take care mate... cheers...

  4. @Satish
    Lazy-ah irukkardhunaala dhaan ivlo naal kazhichu, ivlo chinna post. Illana mokkai pottu konnuruka maaten?? :P

    Both of the above ;-)

    No, am not THAT lazy, yet :-)

  5. Laziness is out birthright. No one shall take it away from us lazybones :)

    And oh ya.. Feelings are mutual about Filmfare.. They got it all wrong this time . I would have loved to seen Farhan hosting it ! :)

  6. @Vinod
    Well said... :-) Our mothers have been trying for years to take our birthright away from us and we have been successful in overcoming it :-)

    Farhan? Really? I think he is the shy-types, no? May be Ranbir and Imran! :-)

  7. Farhan ? shy? are you crazy? he is one of the most sensible host i'd even seen.. and it's a killer combination in a guy you acting-like-i-know-nothing but knows-exactly-wat-to-say! Sharukh is a charmer by nature when he doesnt go over board.. am for farhan-sharukh combo!! ranbir and imran? yuck.. bad choice

  8. @Yals
    Really? I loved Ranbir-Imran's show in the last year's edition of FF awards. SRK is a charmer, but this year's show looked over-rehearsed and over-confident.
    About Farhan, I like him better on the screen or behind the camera - he is a very good actor and an even better director.

  9. if u r lazy, then waht do i call myself as???? super-lazy???? Anyways, fahid was fab with his MJ act...

  10. @Avinash
    Trust me, we have stiff competition. And you are not as lazy as me.
    Fahid waf fantaftic :-)

  11. I prefer watching Balachander classics over and over again than watching the newly released\\


    lazy .. .lazy nu solliye ivalo periya post yelidheetiye Sandy...


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