Tuesday, March 23, 2010


It was one of those rare days when I had nobody to be with. I am the kind of person that cannot live without being surrounded by friends constantly. Loneliness kills me. I mean, I am a normal girl. I don’t like to be left alone and I love talking and that’s why I need company all the time. Last weekend, Sabal wasn’t here in Bangalore. He had gone to Ernakulam choosing a get-together (read: free beer) with college friends who were going off to Dubai (that is where most Mallus go, right?). It was supposed to be a farewell party kind of thing and off he went without any reserved tickets. How am I supposed to fight with “free beer”? I, in fact, told him I would buy him unlimited free beer in a bid to make him stay back. But he earnestly said, “You know I won’t drink much.” (Oh really?) “I am going because I promised the fellows that I would be there.” (Poda poda, rascala)… At that time I didn’t realize how lonely that would leave me for the whole weekend. It was probably the first time ever that I felt bad that I didn’t have to go to office on a weekend.

I made it a point to catch up with friends. I watched Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaya with Vinod. Thank you, Vinod for a pleasant evening. I really enjoyed it a lot. About the movie, what can I say? I felt that Gautam Menon hadn’t clearly made up his mind as to whether the boy and girl live happily ever after or not. Very confused and even more confusing. I really loved the Cinematography and of course Rahman’s music. Oh, and also Trisha’s saris (I am a girl, after all). It has been a long time since I saw a movie without any bloodshed and violence and villains. However, VTV was too mushy and romantic for my taste.

On Sunday, I slept like Kumbhakarna. Semma thookam! By the time I woke up, it was evening and I remembered I had promised Yals I would visit her place. We met up and walked up and down Brigade Road (buying nothing much except two plates of Paani puri and some coffee) and it was like old times again. Talking about mutual friends, careers, relationships… what you would call typical girl-talk – it was about everything and nothing. For a couple of hours, I forgot I didn’t have anyone to go back to. That is why they say, girls should always stay in touch with their girlfriends… Thank you, Yals for being there for me.

Somehow the weekend passed and Sabal is back from his trip and here I am back at office wishing it was weekend again. Namma dhaan thirundha maatome!


  1. All those names part of her post... BEWARE! Make sure your spouse dont up on this post, or else you know, you may have to sign a couple of white papers..!!

    Basically, H A L L A L C U T!!!

  2. hmmm ... vettiyaa alayaren nu simpleaa sollirukalaam .... adhuku ivalo neeti muzhikki ezhudhiruka vendaam ;))))

  3. So you moved to Bangalore from Chennai?

  4. //About the movie, what can I say? I felt that Gautam Menon hadn’t clearly made up his mind as to whether the boy and girl live happily ever after or not. Very confused and even more confusing.//

    I guess u slept in the climax..(Just kidding)..moreover we our self,at times don't know whether we are happy or not..so climax make sense to me...

    நம்ம நண்பர் ஒருத்தர் படம் பாத்துட்டு கொஞ்சமா அழுதுட்டார்... நல்ல வேளை யாருமில்லாம தனியா லேப்டோப்ள பாத்ததுனால கலாய்ச்சலிலிருந்து தப்பிச்சிட்டார்...பாவம் எல்லா தாடிக்குப்பின்னாடியும் ஒரு ஜெஸ்ஸி இருக்கா....

    (இப்டி தான் தெளிவா நண்பர்னு சொல்லிரனும்..அது தான் புத்திசாலித்தனம்)

  5. @Dhinu
    Poda poda, rascala!

    Eppidi baas naan solla vandhadha correct-ah purinjukiteenga? Periya aalu baas neenga...

    Yes, I did.

    @Ivan Sivan
    Othukaren, neenga onga nanbar pathi dhaan ezhudi irukeenga, ungala pathi illa nu.. :-)

  6. :D total Damage sabal :D :D hee hee :D :) And nice post :)

  7. I've been watching so many movies recently and surprisingly ive been able to enjoy every single one of them..language no bar...genre no bar..
    yday watched a french movie "8 Women", in which one of the ladies sings in solitude..she talks abt ppl indulging in fairytales to beat loneliness and boredom..
    Cud relate my movie watching spree to it...

    im wondering y this story now?
    one of the ways to beat lonliness is to travel to a fantasy world interacting with all those characters(some real and others super-human)or find a friend like a pumpkin aka Cast away!!

    Its so true...staying without friends is the harshest punishment one can get!!


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