Friday, June 6, 2008

What a month and a half it has been!!! The energy, the cheering (not to mention the cheer-leaders), the teams, the players, the controversies, the celeb owners - IPL had it all... Wait a minute, hmmmmm... Oh yeah, there was cricket too in the middle of it.

I am no expert to discuss whether cricket is moving away from the good ol' elegant game that it was, whether test cricket is dying or anything else. Whatever bad it does to the longer formats of the game, I think T20 is awesome, more so because it doesn't take up much of our times.

As a typical young Indian cricket buff, I like to watch big strokes, fast bouncers, huuuuuuuuuge sixes that send the ball outside the stadium and all that drama. In the case of test cricket, I could not get to see 1 boundary in an entire session, sometimes. I used to get soooooooo bored...

And I had gone to the MAC stadium here in Chennai to watch the match Chennai Super Kings vs. Kings XI Punjab. It went right until the last over where local lad Balaji picked up the first hat trick of the tournament. That is one night I can never forget in my life!!! It was so colorful so loud and so much fun...

I miss running home from work to watch the match and sitting glued in front of the TV when my friends shout at me for not helping them with the cooking dinner thingie... Now there is no excuse for me to escape from that :-(

As a staunch supporter of the Chennai Super Kings, I miss dancing around whenever Chennai batsmen hit a boundary or a six or whenever they took a wicket. I miss reading every single article written about IPL and the matches and the slapgate controversy and the SRK factor and e-mail forwards about what a great employer Preity Zinta is.. Lolz...

Missing IPL!!!

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