Friday, June 27, 2008

Wanna save money??? Don't eat....

A friend of mine caught me completely off guard when he told me that some of his team mates skip their lunch to save money. These team mates I am talking about are well-paid IT professionals, who do not have to skip their meals to make both ends meet. I don't understand why they have to resort such thoughtless and depressing habits just for the sake of saving money. Is this whole saving thing that important? If yes, why so??? Or is it just that they want to exploit the free pantry services offered by the organization? Whatever it is, this whole saving money by skipping meals is not just ridiculous, it is disgusting, atleast to me.

I am a complete foodie... I love food. When asked to list out the top 5 things I love doing, eating tops the list. I have heard stories about a lot of people not having enough money to buy food (thanks to phenomenal inflation, the number of stories I hear everyday has increased), but those were about daily wage workers, unable to gather enough to even eat. I pity them. I try to help them whenever possible. In the same country, we have people like my friend's team mates who just don't feel like eating because they want to increase their bank balances. I don't feel pity, I feel anger and disgust for them.

Who are they saving it for if they are not going to be healthy enough to enjoy it? I know this post comes as a surprise to you, because you must have been hearing about the changes in lifestyle of the IT professionals of India, how much they have come to spend and how free they are to spend and how lavish they have become. I agree that a bunch of them actually spend a lot of money unnecessarily (they call it chilling-out, they call it fashion, they call it lifestyle), but there are people who save up money by drinking say 2-3 cups of (free) milk from the pantry!!!

I am not for spending too much (though I can't seem to stop myself when it comes to shopping), but certainly against this unhealthy habit of skipping meals to save for a not-sure-if-it-will-come future....


  1. Sounds pretty weird, that people are more bothered about the digits in the bank a/c rather than the digits on the health-meter. There's nothing wrong with liking or having food when one's body requires it. Nourishment is the fact of life, but miserliness is a mental state of being. I eat, when I feel the need. Period. Let's take solace in that there at least some of us, who are not on the 'savings' trip of this sorts! LOL

  2. i have drifted by from anish's blog..

    am a big foodoholic myself.. i love food.. and i dont know how ppl can skip lunches or breakfast.. dont know how ppl manage to do tht.. and stay healthy.. especially when everybody so much into how healthy and balanced diet one eats..

  3. I couldn't believe it myself when my friend told me abt this... But it's happening here!!!

  4. sounds totally ridiculous...i'd've been happy if they'd skipped their meals for giving it to some poor increase their bank balance??? pls, jus give 'em a nice whack frm me....

  5. Bad thing....
    I don get a complete day...without a lunch ....or atleast eat 2 times...

    They can be whacked by the above one tells.. lol

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  7. Buddy,

    I guess you gotta take off this post., the guy has started eating in the noon... :p, but am not sure about the dinner... ;)


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