Thursday, June 26, 2008

Rang de basanti

I saw the movie Rang de basanti on star movies last week (it was like the 14th time I was watching it) and it gave me the same feeling everytime I saw it. Only, this time, the intensity of the feeling I felt was more!!!

Guys just like you and I, having fun in a campus, always surrounded by friends, laughing, pulling each others legs, doing the stuff that normal people do, getting caught in a situation that is way out of their control... I can't imagine how I would react when I face such a situation. Well, I did give it some thought after the movie got over...

I don't think I'd have gone for killing the defence minister at the first place, because it made the killing more like a revenge than a punishment. And second thing is that I don't think the youth of today is so impulsive... I feel they would have thought more about any other way of exposing the corrupt minister than to just kill him and then go out in the open with it. Had they not killed the minister, they would not have got punished... So finally, one gets the impression that you try to do anything good, you would lose your life...

The movie states that "ज़िंदगी जीने के सिर्फ़ दो ही तरीके होते हैं । एक, जो हो रहा है होने दो, बरदाश्त करते जाओ । या फिर ज़िम्मेदारी उठाओ उसे बदलने की।" But concludes sadly saying, "You try changing it, it kills you..."

But this is one movie that would haunt me forever...


  1. the movie is awesome but josh remains
    on for few days..
    at least in me :P

  2. Sandhya,

    Never in my life I watched a movie for the second time in a theatre,but this movie is an exception.I watched it twice.

    I enjoyed each and every dialogue of this movie.:-)


  3. yeah i agree with ur last line but also think that nothing can be changed in our corrupt country.. u try changing it the system changes u in turn.. so going by that idea killing was the only solution. Teaching a lesson/changing the system is not possible or u need to be "Gandhi Reborn"..



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