Thursday, June 5, 2008

The ha ha called lyf...: When I am forced to shut up!!!

God has been so cruel...

Didn't it even pass by his mind to make me a lil' wiser when he was creating these awfully painful wisdom teeth??? Wisdom teeth? Plural? Yes, yours truly has a second one growing.

People familiar with me would be shocked to know that I am keeping my mouth shut for another 10 days or so. It is the most gruesome punishment I could ever get!!!

Until the surgery/whatever process is involved in extracting this tiny devil from my mouth gets over (which is again very painful, to say the least) I'll have to cut down on 2 out of the 3 things I love the most - eating and talking, shopping being the only remaining activity that I don't have to cut down on ;-)

This morning the girl who keeps the pantry clean and ready to use told the entire office building is gonna be silent for another coupla weeks... wat a tragedy!!!!


  1. i read all of em in one go, including comments.. u r magical... don eva stop writing....


  2. @Nagu
    Magical?? Me???
    Unakku enna aachu?


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