Friday, June 6, 2008

Do we always get what we deserve???

Finally, there has come a moment (after a looooooooooong time) which has made me feel low. It's because I feel like a villian, because of my inability to love the people I am supposed to, because what I am doing may spoil a smart person's career, because I am selfish beyond my own comprehension!!!

No, I am not proud of myself, but I just can't seem to take it when someone else (who, by the way, is less deserving) gets something that was denied to me, coz it makes me feel like a helpless spectator to my own fall.

This raises the question - a question that has been eating my head for a long time, is it ethical to do whatever it takes to spoil someone's life just coz they don't deserve it, given that we deserve it more than they do?

Help me!!!


  1. Sandhya,

    Are you into HR?


  2. gud going....jus shows hw much free time u've got...neways,keep writing!!!


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